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An Amazing Collection of Mind Hacks, Emotional Healing Techniques and Psychological Self Growth Tactics
To Create Greater, Lasting Impact In The World While Living Your Best Life!

We're Fighting Back... Against lost fairies and unicorns running amuck and wreaking havoc. (We love them both but when it gets out of hand, there’s a pukey mess of Rainbows and Love & Light) Ever seen a Fairy on a Rainbow Bender? Not pretty.
✅ Our Mission
To Crack The Codes & REVOLUTIONIZE this field to support Healing Arts Professionals With REAL Tools for the 21st Century. (Advanced Psychic Mediumship Training, Self Trust, Life Purpose, etc...)
✅ Edutaining Inspiration
Learning IS Fun! Every Course Is Packed With Solid Education, Hilarious Fumbles And Faux Pas, Mind Tingling Truth Bomb Moments, Spontaneous Singing & Dancing, ALL Designed To Get You Into And Through Your Greatest Challenges Faster & Easier Than 10 Years Of Typical Therapy
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Tired Of Being Lied To?

Want Straight Answers?

Myth #1

You Can Only Focus On The Good Sh*t Or You'll Manifest The Bad Sh*t

THIS ONE COMES FROM FEAR. Fear of pain & suffering. The mind is wired to avoid pain, UNLESS it believes it can be good for you, and oh yes it can... when you know what you're doing.
How are you ever going to process the "bad sh*t" if you never acknowledge that it even exists? Does anyone know the definition of "BYPASSING", in particular emotional bypassing?
Have you ever felt some kinda way, and held it in? What does that do? Backs you up like an impacted colon. And it can hurt as much if not worse over time.
Otherwise, you're simply walking around blindly being misled by all the "good sh*t" because, well... it feels good. You know what feels even better? Knowing HOW to actually PROCESS through all that "bad sh*t" until it becomes the fertilizer for your growth so you can genuinely live with more "good sh*t" happening more often without ever letting FEAR of "bad sh*t" cloud your actual self growth.

Myth #2

Self Growth & Personal Development Makes Everything Rainbows & Unicorns INSTANTLY!

There is NO MAGIC PILL that makes it all go away!
If you are willing to dive in and do the work, and follow a proven path to get you there, you can cut away piece by piece at the roots of your suffering and pain until you create a life filled with freedom, rainbows, and Unicorns (We never said they don't exist, just that you have to work to make them real).

Myth #3

Either You're Born With Intuitive Super Powers
Or You're Broken And Can NEVER Get In The Cool Kids Club

I totally understand how this makes some people feel very special and extremely cool to be "born" with "special powers". And we all want to feel special in some way, right?
Of course. Here's the thing... We've all got instincts (thank you animal brain). We've all got "hunches" (you know, take a left not a right... HOLY SMOKES I could have been in that accident).
Too many times you dismiss your magic super powers that you actually believed as a kid.

Create Your Badass Life
Thank Us By Showering The Heavens With Chocolate (Or Sushi)

I'm Heather & I'm David from Zen Rose Garden (DOT COM)

And we're as wild and nutty yet grounded in reality as you are.

We're parents (translated: spent multiple lifetimes lifting our kids to the heavens to become their best selves [they do get bigger over time])
We are Inspired Creators (translated: a runaway idea train constantly bombarded with so many ideas that they'll never all get done [even though we'd love to see that])
Chronic Hustlers (translated: we're always brainstorming and building on the things that work and letting go of the things that don't)
We're also the ones who know how to make the most efficient use of time and resources to get the absolute best results in the shortest possible time using age old and proven methods for lasting change from the inside out.
We've spent over 8,000 client hours since 2008 creating proven systems that have worked for over 2,000 clients worldwide to Hack Their Minds, Heal Their Hearts & Connect Their Souls so that they can Love Themselves, Trust Themselves & Live Their Passionate Purpose (all while gaining 400+ Verified 5-Star Reviews).

Here's A Small Sample.
All Perfectly Blended with Science & Mysticism.
All Proven to Work.

Current Value (And Growing): $15,683

Your LIFE IS ABOUT TO CHANGE COMPLETELY in just a few clicks.

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    • OR we will give your money back.

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Burning Answers to Your Lingering Fears, Doubts & Insecurities

Can I cancel any time?
We firmly believe that if you don't ABSOLUTELY LOVE Zen Ed Academy, you shouldn't feel pressured to stay here. You've got other things to do with your life. No hard feelings. Nobody wants to feel pressured to be or do anything they don't truly want. It might break our hearts, it'll be best for both of us.
How do I Pay for The Master Keys To My BADASS Life?
You will be asked to register when you click that lovely Red button that says "Join Zen Ed Academy" and then you can pay through your credit card.
How Will You Choose What to Add to The Academy?
We build all our materials on what you need, based on your suggestions. Having issues with something in life? Tag us in the group. We'll send you the perfect resource that makes the skies open and rain down so much fierce awesomeness on your greatest challenge it never stood a chance... if we don't have one yet, we'll make one.
Why should I buy it? I am kinda busy right now.
Because we're not offering it at this price much longer (It started at $9.97 and will go up further!) and also because the sooner you learn the dead easy tactics and techniques to catapult your personal and professional skills in the Intuitive Arts, the better it is for your life (and for those around you)!
Will it work for me if I am a Massively Successful BOSS, Champion Mud Wrestler, part time circus clown (insert unusual occupation?)
Self Growth, Personal Development & Intuitive Badassery works for every single human being wanting to live a life more fulfilled, create a greater impact in the world, EVEN IF you want to shine their awesomeness into the stars or keep it all to yourself in your grandmother's basement (spoiler alert... if you take these lessons seriously, you probably won't be living there much longer).
Why is it priced so Low?
Because we said so. Because We're nice people and also because you deserve to have something valuable that works finally at your finger tips instead of wasting time withering away your awesomeness! Seriously we are nice loving, generous people who like to help people. #ModestAF)

This is What Some Awesome People Have to Say About Zen Ed Academy

and we didn't even have to give them cookies

"Way More Than Your Average Teachings"
"Authenticity, Knowledge, Experience"
"Support & Positive Vibe, Self Development, Psychic Mediumship"

"Heroic Self Confidence & Super Powers"
"The Myth Busters Of Spirituality"
"Blew My Friggin' Mind"

"Can't Stop Inhaling All The Info At Zen Rose Garden"
"No Spiritual Uniform Or Cloak"

Zen Ed Academy is backed by Our
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If you simply CAN’T STAND our videos, our humor, or the way we deliver our lessons… we will happily refund you.


If you’re not absolutely BLOWN AWAY by the amount and quality of material… we will happily refund you.


If you haven’t experienced an AHA Moment, a Mic Drop Moment, or are not absolutely satisfied with the Truth Bombs bombarding your every thought… we will happily refund you.

If you’re not absolutely MIND BLOWN for ANY REASON and you let us know within 30 Days of your first payment, we would LOVE to provide your refund.

If we were having this conversation exactly 12 months from now...
what would you need to happen from now until then for you to be able to say

"THIS YEAR was hands down, my absolute best, most BADASS year ever"?

Your LIFE IS ABOUT TO CHANGE COMPLETELY in just a few clicks.

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  • Start The Advanced Mediumship Training Course within the next 30 seconds
  • Feel those electrical impulses inside of your mind already start to rewire and create thought patterns that feel like the sun opening inside of your mind and beaming a beautiful sun tan into your brain (Safely of course).
    • OR we will give your money back.

Don't Miss Out @ $97/Mo

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EVERYTHING in these courses is backed by techniques and systems that have been built since 2008 and have helped over 2,000 clients worldwide achieve incredible results.

As one client says
"more effective than 10 years of traditional therapy in a single hour"


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