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Helping Metaphysical Badasses To Stand Out, Stand Strong & Do Good
WHILE Having Fun & Creating Ways To Connect!

✅ A Rock Solid Community

Tired Of Walking Your Path Alone? Come Join Our Zen Head Facebook Community Of Like Minded Badasses Ready To Support You With ANY Challenge You Face. FINALLY, a place you can call home with REAL support for your growth!


We're Fighting Back... Against lost fairies and unicorns running amuck and wreaking havoc. We do love them both, but... sometimes they drink too much Love & Light & puke Rainbow Frosting all over the carpet, which is super hard to get out. Not pretty.

Emma was tired of the fake ass bullshit systems covered in rainbow sprinkles pretending to be #WOKEAF. She just wanted real people, with real acceptance, you know.... a REAL home with a REAL chosen family!

✅ Our Mission

To Crack The Codes & REVOLUTIONIZE this field! We've created a single place where the Emmas of the world can come together With REAL Tools for the 21st Century. (Easy Intuitive Tarot & Advanced Tarot Mastery, Advanced Psychic Mediumship Training, Self Trust, Life Purpose, etc...)

✅ Emma's Rapid Evolution

Emma Was Ready To RUN With Her Pack! Every Course Is Packed With Solid Education, Hilarious Fumbles And Faux Pas, Mind Tingling Truth Bomb Moments, Spontaneous Singing & Dancing, ALL Designed To Get You Into And Through Your Greatest Challenges Faster & Easier Than 10 Years Of Typical Therapy

✅ Access Our Brains On Tap

Have Questions? Not Finding Answers? (We've All Been Lost In Google) Get Instant Access to Ask David & Heather Any Question In The Zen Head Facebook Group

✅ New Material Constantly

+ New Self Growth Lessons & Intuitive Development Lesson Added Constantly
+ New Group Exercises To Build Your Skills With The Tribe


Tired Of Being Lied To?

Want Straight Answers?

Myth #1

"You Shouldn't Charge For Your Gifts"

When this myth is brought to the table, it brings with it:

  • Insecurity
  • Questioned Morality
  • Shame Of Personal Value & Self Worth

Your first response to this myth:


Belief 1: It's A Gift That's Been Given

FEAR: (It Might Be Taken Away)

FACT: You can't do anything with raw talent, you must BUILD & SHAPE that talent if you're ever going to improve. The time, energy & effort you put into improving your craft can NEVER be taken from you.

ACTION: Exercise your gift, educate yourself & practice with passion!

Belief 2: Taking Money Makes It Impure

FEAR: (I might be impure in thought or intention)

FACT: If you want to help make the world a better place, THAT is pure!

ACTION: Build towards confidence in your education, skills & boundaries.

Belief 3: Money Is Evil & Deceitful

FEAR: (I might be evil or deceitful)

FACT: A person's relationship with money is a reflection of their relationship to their own personal value and self worth.

ACTION: Improve your relationship with your personal value and self worth.

Do You Want To Stand Strong?

We want to feel confident in our selves. We want healthy boundaries.

Do You Want To Stand Out?

We want to feel valued as something special we bring to the betterment of our selves and those around us.

Do You Want To Do More?

We want to heal the world in bigger ways. In order to do that, you have to build the resources to do that on a bigger scale.

Do You Value What You Do?

Then let others value it too. Not only are they valuing YOUR work, time & skillset, but they value themselves more and the results they achieve are better.

Myth #2

"Build It, And They Will Come"

We can't tell you how many times we see people spinning their wheels trying to find something to build, then building that thing with the pipe dream hopes that somehow, magically, people will flock to them and resources (finances, vacations, the right help) will fall from the skies right into their lap at the right time.

If you are willing to dive in and do the work, and follow a proven path to get you there, you can find the thing that is right for you, build that thing in the right way, for the right people, test the thing as you build it, and when you find the balance of the right thing, with the right passion for you, and the right benefit for the right people... THEN you build the right way to shout from the roof tops so the right people hear you loud and clear at the right time for them... (Can you say Marketing?)

THEN you create a life filled with freedom, rainbows and Unicorns.

(We never said they don't exist, just that you have to work to make them real).

Myth #3

"You Have To Be Born With Gifts"

Either You're Born With Intuitive Super Powers


Or You're Broken And Can NEVER Get In The Cool Kids Club

I totally understand how this makes some people feel very special and extremely cool to be "born" with "special powers". And we all want to feel special in some way, right?

Of course. Here's the thing... We've all got instincts (thank you animal brain). We've all got "hunches" (you know, take a left not a right... HOLY SMOKES I could have been in that accident).

Too many times you dismiss your magic super powers that you actually believed as a kid.




Build Your Badass Metaphysical Business
Thank Us By Showering The Heavens With Chocolate (Or Sushi)

I'm Heather & I'm David from Zen Rose Garden (DOT COM)

And we're Emmas just like you here to do more for the world (and we're sure you are too!) #ImAnEmma

We are Avid Improvers

(translated: all the shiny new things fascinate us! There's always something to learn, something to explore, something to improve. We're always learning new things, taking new courses, expanding our knowledge and skills. We do all of that, so we can make it easier for you to get started without getting lost in the Shiny Object Syndrome. [It's a real thing, and it's dangerous.])

We are Inspired Creators

(translated: a runaway idea train constantly bombarded with so many ideas that they'll never all get done [even though we'd love to see that]. Which also means we can help you weed through YOUR ideas to find the best ones that fit YOU!)

We are Chronic Hustlers

(translated: we're always brainstorming and building on the things that work and letting go of the things that don't. In 2008, what started as a side hustle w 3 jobs became a full time gig in 2010 & by 2015 we broke the 6 figure ceiling all without opening a healing center. Since 2008 we’ve helped thousands of clients worldwide go from feeling confused, insecure and overwhelmed to being clear, confident, and successful.)

We're also the ones who know how to make the most efficient use of time and resources to get the absolute best results in the shortest possible time using age old and proven methods for lasting change and real success from the inside out.

We've spent over 10,000 client hours since 2008 creating proven systems that have worked for over 2,000 clients worldwide to Stand Out, Stand Strong & Do Good while learning to Love Themselves, Trust Themselves & Live Their Passionate Purpose (all while gaining 400+ Verified 5-Star Reviews).









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Here's A Small Sample.


All Perfectly Blended with Science & Mysticism.
All Proven to Work.


Zen Ed's Easy Beginner's Tarot™️ Tarot 02

Intro To Tarot & The Story Of Tarot. Build Your Tarot Foundation In As Little As 3 Hours



Zen Ed's Advanced Mediumship Training™️

My Skills Bring All The Ghosts To The Yard



Zen Ed's Psychic Development For Beginners™️

8 Simple Steps To Psychic Development



Zen Ed's Manifestation Mastery™️

If You Want To Manifest Like A Badass! Master Manifestation in 7 Hours



Zen Ed's Spiritual Awakening™️

Understanding The Spiritual Awakening Journey & Process



Zen Ed's Life Purpose & Passion™️

How To Find Your Life Purpose & Live Your Passion



Zen Ed's Build Self Confidence™️

4 Steps To Build Self Confidence & Master Your Mind



Zen Ed's Chakras Masterclass™️

Including Chakras You Didn't Even Know You Had. From Basic To Badass In 4 Hours



Crush Imposter Syndrome™️

A Proven Method To Break The Pattern, Rewire The Brain, & Step Into Your Confidence!



Crush Self Doubts™️

A Proven Method To Trust Yourself, Eliminate Insecurity, and Step Into Your Success!



Crush Creative Blocks™️

A Proven Method To Take Back Your Story & Express Yourself!



Zen Ed's Self Care Primer™️

Experience The 1st Step To Genuine Self Love!



Zen Ed's Self Love Blueprint™️

Experience True Self Love In 7 Hours WITHOUT Constant Affirmations or Coping Mechanisms



Zen Ed's Higher Self Connection™️

8 Simple Steps To Personal Freedom<br>Trust Yourself, Find Your Purpose



Advanced Mediumship Certification

Become A Certified Psychic Medium



Zen Ed's Radical Selfie Acceptance™️

Self Acceptance, Generation X Vs Millennials, Selfie Generation



Zen Ed's Personal Power Secrets™️

Understanding The Energetic Assets Of Life



Zen Ed's Reclaim Your Personal Power™️

How to take back the power you've given away.



Zen Ed's Stop People Pleasing™️

Quit Making Other People Happy & Start Letting Yourself Be Happy



Zen Ed's Stop Negative Self Talk Now!™️

Stop Negative Self Talk Now! Stop Self Sabotaging Behavior



Dream Interpretation - Snakes, Spiders & Kundalini Serpent

Understanding Dreams About Snakes, Spiders & The Kundalini Serpent



Zen Ed's 7 Blocks To My Life Purpose™️

What Blocks Your Life Purpose?



Zen Ed's Chakras Primer™️

Understand how energy affects your life, and how to gain control of the chaos of your mind & energy. You'll understand just how much control you actually have.



Understanding The Dark Night Of The Soul

5 Lessons To Help You Better Understand The Dark Night Of The Soul



Zen Ed's Basic Mediumship Training™️

Get Your Basic Foundation Of Mediumship



Zen Ed's 90 Day Life Transformation™️

Our Signature System To Heal Yourself In 90 Days



Zen Ed's Dream Interpretation Matrix™️

Understand ANY Dream With Our Simple Matrix



Zen Ed's Energy Healing Mastery & Healing Mediumship™️

Learn How To Use Healing Energy In Your Life



Zen Ed's Intermediate Tarot™️ Tarot 03

Get To Know The Tarot Deck & Level Up Your Tarot Reading Skills



Zen Ed's Intuitive Tarot Blueprint™️ Tarot 01

Learn Intuitive Tarot & Build Your Tarot Confidence



Zen Ed Academy™️ Introduction - The NBA Method™️

Brain Science Meets Mysticism Using Neural Bridge Alignment™️


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Your LIFE IS ABOUT TO CHANGE COMPLETELY in just a few clicks.

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If you’re not absolutely MIND BLOWN for ANY REASON and you let us know within 7 Days of your first payment, we would LOVE to provide your refund.
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If we were having this conversation exactly 12 months from now...
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"THIS YEAR was hands down, my absolute best, most BADASS year ever"?

Your LIFE IS ABOUT TO CHANGE COMPLETELY in just a few clicks.

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  • Start The Easy Intuitive Tarot Course within the next 30 seconds
  • Feel those electrical impulses inside of your mind already start to rewire and create thought patterns that feel like the sun opening inside of your mind and beaming a beautiful sun tan into your brain (Safely of course).
    • OR we will give your money back.

Normally $197/Mo!
Missed $29/Mo!
Missed $39/Mo!
Last Chance @ $49/Mo

(This Clock Goes Tick Tock, Like The Offer)

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Join Zen Ed Academy, Zen Ed Academy Membership

EVERYTHING in these courses is PhD-Backed by techniques and systems that have we've built since 2008 and have helped over 2,000 clients worldwide achieve incredible results.

As one client says

"more effective than 10 years of traditional therapy in a single hour"

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